Ruby F.
The vibes and ambiance was amazing. Its located on the 2nd floor and the walls leading up to the restaurant have all these mural paintings of tigers all over. Definitely has that speakeasy feel with dimmed lighting. The cocktails were definitely a show, IG worthy and tasted amazing. Each cocktail is unique and you cant go wrong with any them. They also have happy hour until 7pm! We ordered the bengal ebi shumai, the scallop chin (the presentation was phenomenal and the scallop + uni literally melts in your mouth and was super fresh!), the stone grilled ribeye (one of my favorite), the tom yum ramen (very flavorful), and the mentai (a bit soggy in my opinion). Would definitely come back and try their other drinks!
I May Roam
This is a 2nd floor Japanese-Thai speakeasy in Alphabet City where the food menu leans toward Japan while the drinks are Thai-inspired with the menu designed by veteran NYC bartender and Phetchaboon native Sayparn. Her and her partners opened 11 Tigers in 2022 (year of the tiger which symbolizes success). The staff do an excellent job of mixing food and entertainment.
Ted Weitz
Seriously. This is the most fun restaurant I have ever been to! The food is creative. Unique without being pretentious (or expensive). The cocktails are the most interesting I have seen. The food is phenomenal but more then anything else. This place made me happy. I had this big grin on my face the whole time What an amazing place. 👏👏👏
Alison A.
There really are a ton of tigers here, they really stuck with the them. It was a super fun vibe and a little hidden gem in the area. The food was so flavorful and I never had anything like it Juicy octopus 4/5 If you love the texture of octopus, this is the move. I thought it was a pretty good starter Black panther 5/5 I have never had a dish quite like it. The flavors were super unique and the spice was perfect. Both noodle dishes made me want to come again 11 Tigers ramen 5/5 Sooo good, the prawn was pretty but kinda hard to get the meat out of it. I got medium spice and it was a perfect spice level for me Would definitely go again! Perfect for a group too
Almira F.
It's a bit of hike but well worth the commute. It has a speakeasy feel but is a restaurant decorated with ... tigers (hence 11 tigers ). The venue is spacious with high ceilings , nicely decorated . We had pre dinner drinks at the bar served by attentive bartenders who recommended the drinks . All are Asian inspired flavors ( ie. With lychee or the old fashion Asian style ) some served in a theatrical way . The food was good though the servings are on the smAller side . Make sure to order ample . The dishes that we ordered were: dumplings , oyster shooters, scallop with uni , curry noodles to name a few . The place has a party feel with loads of energy and patrons who are dressed to party . I enjoyed the experience as it's a combination of a tao feel but in a much smaller setting ( on the east side of Manhattan ).
By the third time your server at 11 Tigers brings a blowtorch to your table, you’ll wonder why they don’t just save everyone some time and get a fog machine. Generating smoke is the preferred party trick at this Thai and Japanese-inspired speakeasy in the East Village. They torch uni, ribeye, and cocktails right at your table, as if assisting with content creation is now a requirement for good service. The food here is unmemorable (aside from a particularly unpleasant squid ink linguine), but this pseudo-speakeasy is more of a scene than a restaurant anyway. Think of this place as a social club with some heavy drinking food where much of the crowd looks like they still had fake IDs mere months ago. If that’s not the setting in which you prefer to eat your uni and takoyaki, this spot is totally skippable.
Yvonne Lee
Such a fabulous new restaurant! Super delicious food - unique Thai Japanese izakaya fusion where every dish was outstanding and there were so many options to choose from. Cocktails were also amazing, of course get the fire ones for a theatrical moment. We went on a busy Saturday night and they were down a server so they were a bit slow to get to us. However, they were super apologetic and nice about it, and my group was able to hang out and chit chat, so it actually worked in our favor. The atmosphere is energetic and vibrant, fun for a group dinner! Lots of people dressed in theme with animal printed attire and I definitely regret missing the memo.
mycats. nyc
We were seated at a comfortable table under a gigantic painting of Tiger and true to the restaurant's name, tigers are everywhere down to the chopstick holders. The staff are very helpful and attentive. After my order of cocktail: Bad Kitty on Fire was brought over, she patiently waited for me to take pictures of her butane torch and then showed me how to put out the fire in the lime zest. Our cocktails were great, so is the food and the decor is elegantly, which is not typically in East Village. The price is reasonable and definitely will go back.